Coca Cola Launches Pixel Flavoured Virtual Drink inside the Metaverse

The world’s most popular soft drink has reached the Metaverse region.

Coca-Cola announced Monday that it will release a game-inspired version of its sparkling pop that’s almost out of the way before it hits shelves in the real world.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte will “bring the flavour of pixels to life”, according to the U.S. drinks giant.

Precisely how it manages that remains a mystery, but it’ll first be available on a metaverse-like world within the video game Fortnite.

Coca Cola Zero Sugar Byte is the first ever Coca Cola flavour to have been born in the Metaverse, claims the company. The release is in line with a range of unique products being created and curated in the Coca-Cola Creations segment.

The firm’s Oana Vlad said: “We wanted to create an innovative taste inspired by the playfulness of pixels, rooted in the experiences that gaming makes possible.

“Just as pixels power digital connection, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte brings people together to share moments of Real Magic.”

Coca-Cola isn’t the first company to jump on the metaverse bandwagon as interest in mysterious technology is growing.

Last month, Heineken hosted an event in the metaverse where it presented the opportunity to “drink” the brand’s first virtual beer.

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