We are still in the bailiwick of exploring and leveraging the career opportunities in the digital space in 2022, and it‘s crystal clear that career opportunities in the digital space offer better manna than the non-digital careers which are dematerializing in the sight of the digital revolution which has come to stay. 

   I was discussing with a friend on career opportunities that would be replaced by digital technology by 2030, and we discovered that even the best and essential jobs would disappear in no distant time, one of which is Doctors. We are already witnessing robotic surgeons perform critical operations worldwide, and it‘s just a matter of time before they completely replace human doctors. Robotic doctors will make more accurate treatment for the patients compared to their human counterparts, there is also less chance of infection due to more sterile measures and no room for human error.

   This applies to millions of other jobs  out there. God forbid that you spend a whole lot of years and resources studying for a career that won‘t exist by 2030, or that would exist but certainly not for humans [ sounds dramatic huh! but true].

     we shall discover more career opportunities in the digital space, and guess what? My next bourne is to demystify BLOCKCHAIN so keep tags with me [ especially if seeing money dropping into your bank account boosts your immune system like me ].

Let‘s get right into it…..

Content Manager

   Do you love writing or editing? Do you have an eye for detail? You may want to consider a career as a content manager.

    A content manager oversees the content presented on websites, blogs, and may also be responsible for creating, editing, posting, updating, and occasionally cleaning up outdated content. The main responsibility of of a content manager is to keep the information displayed on a website fresh, informative, and appealing so as to achieve business goals. The content manager oversees marketing strategies to engage customers and ensure that they have a positive view of the company and it’s products or services.

A  survey from 2018 of B2B marketers found that 69% had documented content marketing strategies for 2020—up from 62% in 2018. This growth has translated into a lot of hiring.

Web Analytics Specialist

Web analytics Specialist focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to access the effectiveness of websites . They’re responsible for evaluating customer traffic flow to optimize all website pages, increase traffic and convert leads into sales. They then use the customer traffic data to determine the latest trends .

Web analytics specialists research keywords that can offer high website rankings in various search engine results. They also analyze the factors  that may affect a website’s number of visits like content and product placement, and develop solutions to improve traffic.


      An animator works in television, film and marketing industries to bring images to life and create special effects with art. They work with 3D animation, modeling, storyboarding, photo imaging and interactive flash design to produce animation. Apart from creating cartoons, they can work in web and commercial advertising as well. They are responsible for brainstorming ideas and conceptualizing content through sketches, mostly for mock-ups and prototypes of new products.

The most common ethnicity among Animators is White, which makes up 73.6% of all Animators. Comparatively, there are 11.2% of the Hispanic or Latino ethnicity and 7.5% of the Asian ethnicity, Black or African American 3.9%.

Mobile App Developer.

    A mobile app developer is a software engineer who works primarily with mobile devices, creating, programming, and maintaining apps and mobile platforms across devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The developers typically work in teams, and think of ideas and concepts either for the general public, or for a specific customer need.

    App developers understand coding languages, and how to use them and may also work alongside graphic artist, data scientists, and other software experts to create applications.

    About 19 million people worldwide are software developers, with 8.7 million developing mobile apps.

Digital Product Manager.

         A digital product manager Oversees the entire lifecycle of a digital product from inception through launch, and to customer journey. A digital product manager requires a range of skills from market and customer research, designing the product architecture, UI development, to supply chain planning.

       The common objectives of the PM could include the following:

  • Drive product strategies and long term vision to build best in class digital products
  • Conduct user research and usability studies, collaborating with designers, developers and research teams from end to end of the process.
  • Ability to craft a product vision (short to long term) and convert that into a concrete strategy.
  • Participate in market research, validation, and whitespace analysis to identify new opportunities for new and existing features and functionalities.
  • Evaluate, analyze, and understand the voice of the customer through a variety of data sources

Glassdoor as of July 2022 reported the following salaries of digital product managers in Nigeria as follow ;

Guaranty Trust Bank     NGN222,000/mnth                                           

Access Bank Plc.          NGN527,500/mnth                                                 

FlexiSAF Edusoft.         NGN5,880,000/yr                                                  

Sterling Bank Plc.          NGN5,244,000/yr                                                 

First Bank of Nigeria.     NGN4,000,000/yr                                                

Fedelity Bank.                NGN5,640,000/yr                                                 

Wema.                           NGN267,000/mnth                                                 

Community Manager

    A Community manager is more like a liaison between an organization and it’s audience. They act as the voice, tone, and moderator of the brand through Community support, content distribution, and digital engagement to build brand presence and trust, both online and offline.

    Community managers come from a variety of backgrounds — anything from recruiting to journalism, to engineering — because being successful in this career relies more on a set of skills than a degree.

    First, it’s important for Community managers to be knowledgeable about and across the business. Community managers should be able to rely on their experience with their organization to confidently address their audience or tap into internal resources to appropriately handle any issues that may arise beyond a working understanding of the business. Community managers need to build productive,  and professional relationships both internally and externally inorder to be a more authentic and reliable brand ambassador.

SEO Developer

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO developers are front-end web developers who specialize in optimizing search engine discovery and rankings. They are involved in the technical aspects of the creation, maintenance and   deployment of SEO for websites. They also troubleshoot SEO issues, assist with content strategy and perform preventive maintenance on webpages.

    When you want to search for a product online via Google, Bing, and other search engines, the rankings of websites where you can find the product is the work of SEO developers; other responsibilities of SEO developers include:

  • Ensuring that website design, layout, and coding is optimized for search.
  • Working with the web designer to ensure consistent standards of SEO.
  • Performing regular tests on website SEO rankings.
  • Troubleshooting technical SEO issues for the website.
  • Giving feedback to the digital marketing team about SEO.
  • Researching the latest SEO guidelines and implementing them.
  • Assisting with integrations to enhance or maintain SEO competitiveness.
  • Planning website SEO contingencies for problems that may arise.
  • Updating marketing managers and team members on SEO standards and changes.
  • Providing technical support to stakeholders in the web design process.

The global agencies SEO services market was estimated  to grow from $41.97 billion in 2021 to $51.25 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.1%.

Career.                            Average salary

Content Manager.                 $62,500/yr

Web Analytic Specialist.        $75,835/yr

Animator.                               $17.94/hr

Community Manager.            $66,324/yr

SEO Developer.                    $82,289/yr

   You don’t need a degree to  keep your bank account fat with these amounts, you can enroll for an online class and before you know, you’re already at it.

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