“When Women move forward, the family moves, the village moves and ultimately, the
Nation moves”

Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of value. It is the activity of setting up a business
or businesses, it’s the action of taking a risk with the hope of return. Overtime, most especially in the 21st century, women have proven to display better confidence and precision in entrepreneurial roles and are found as successful as, if not more than their male counterparts.

While there are several economic spheres where women have proven to be better pilots
excellence, this article focuses on why women Excel in entrepreneurship.

First and foremost, Women are proven to be great at Multitasking: Being a pre-programmed
housekeeper, a wife to a husband and mother to kids, women are biologically and through
history been raised to multitask, this means that they can work on multiple task simultaneously
and has a natural know how on how to prioritize. They do not tend to panic when under
pressure and are willing to take on greater tasks at any time.

Still ahead, Women are more Ambitious: More than two-thirds of women employees say they
want to start their own businesses in the next 3 years compared to one-thirds of male employees( according to a study by the Center for Entrepreneurship Report ). Among entrepreneurs who are already running their own businesses 47% of women are confident about starting a new business compared to 18% of their male counterparts.

Moreso, Women are greater Risk Takers: Centre for Entrepreneurship shows that in regards
to taking financial risks 87% of women are willing to do so more than that of the male counterpart 73%. It also shows that 80% of the women see opportunities in that other see risks in – this compared to 67% of men.

They also undertake a realistic approach of anticipating The likely dangers that their company
could face. Women are right four times more often to men when it comes to the decision of not
taking a risk and the timing of the risk.

Notwithstanding, Women Connect Better: Women entrepreneurs have better relationships
and connections with their team and other businesses, with this ability they are able to faster
establish and grow their business all while quickly establishing a good image of the company.

Nevertheless, Women are Less-confident (Note: LESS – confident): It is one thing to be confident about your business but it is another to be too confident. To not be too confident is something we should admire about women in entrepreneurship and one of the main reasons they tend to become successful. This feature makes women be smart about their risk management and not take risks that are without potential and at the wrong time.

Lastly, Women Consider the Value of Others: Women are also most often considerate of others wether it is their clients, employees or investors. They are never only solely for their own gains. Their selfless attitude is what has been proved to grow success – because as we know, together we can do more. Both as women and as men.

In summary, the traits of women that are often used as reasoning to why they are not deemed fit for entrepreneurship is exactly the traits that makes women a perfect fit for it.

Women are a great blessing to humanity and business. They are positively motivated, caring and hardworking. It would be a great disservice to ignore their brilliant aptitude and capability we are happy for the digital space and the opportunities it has created for women in entrepreneurship


By DANIEL Terkuma Msuega ( DES club University Abuja ) 

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