Hi, this year has been a roller coaster of emotions for entrepreneurs around the world, particularly in Africa. First was the widespread attack of Covid-19, which forced several businesses to close doors. Just when it seemed as though we were recovering from the terrible disaster rained on businesses by Covid, then came the #endsars protests and consequent violence. As a result of the destruction following the #endsars protests, several businesses that barely survived the Covid-19 pandemic had to close doors again [but hopefully, not for the last time].

It is completely understandable if you feel exhausted and frustrated with what 2020 has brought so far, and with the year nearing a close, you may feel a bit disappointed when you catch a glimpse of the goals you had set for yourself and business this year. 

Well, on the aspect of the goals, it is okay if you are yet to achieve many of them. Everyone knows how the year has been, and the mere fact that you still have some sanity left is an accomplishment in its own right. The events of 2020 have been enough reason to cause mental breakdown and depression to anyone, so you are doing quite a remarkable job holding your mind, dreams, career, business, family etc. together. Take a deep breath and bask in the sun you have fought so hard to see shine. 

In. Out. In. Out…

Okay, now we are on the same page of your great achievement this year, how about I share some tips with you on staying motivated in spite of the storms.

TIP 1: Remember, It is not about you. Many times we feel frustrated or stuck, it is often because we are spending more time concentrating on ourselves, rather than the outcome the customer/client will receive after working with you. Whenever frustration comes [and you can tell it is because you have put the spotlight on yourself], take a step back and focus your attention on the end user’s experience. 

TIP 2:  Look at those before you. Another tip to staying motivated is to look at other entrepreneurs and founders who have passed through tough times and won. I am particularly inspired by Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. You see, some other entrepreneur has fought the ‘demons’ you now fight, so take the time to read about them, or watch them, because their victory will remind you that your victory is possible. 

TIP 3: Do a flashback. Take the time to remember some old goals you set, and how you accomplished them even in the face of opposition. As you look back, you may realize that those oppositions weren’t as tough as what you currently face, but remember that back then, you considered them really tough.

TIP 4: Have some faith. This isn’t a religious cliché. It is a most important factor that differentiates the winners from those who don’t win. I once heard Elon Musk say that Tesla almost nearly failed, but faith made all the difference. If you have put all your energy, resources and heart into growing your business, why would you choose to give up now, when all you really need is a little faith? 

TIP 5: Take a break. I know you are passionate about your business and would do anything to make it succeed, so what about taking a short break. Entrepreneurs, particularly digital ones tend to bury their nose and attention into their business and when this is done for a prolonged time, it could lead to exhaustion and fatigue. Step out of your desk once in a while and do something else other than business. Bill Gates does this. Jeff Bezos does this. Why shouldn’t you? 

It is normal for entrepreneurs to be faced with obstacles and lose focus, as well as drive, but with the above tips, I am certain you can easily motivate yourself and set on to creating the life and business you earnestly dream of. 

Until next time, I remain yours in the digital entrepreneurship journey,

Amanda Scarletclaw. 

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