Beginner’s Guide To UX & UI Design

Having skills in either UX or UI design can go a long way towards having a successful and rewarding career. As with most skills, taking a class is a great way to earn the knowledge you need to be able to enter the field and get to work. This Course will be your guide as you venture into this field, this course provides the basics and necessary knowledge of this skillset.

Topics for this course

7 Lessons

A Beginner’s Guide to UX & UI Design

10 Design Principles That Will Dramatically Boost User Experience

Taking UX to the Next Level: How to Exceed Customer Expectations

The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page for Your Business

3 Proven A/B Testing Tactics to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

The Beginner’s Web Design Checklist for Maximum Conversions

Mandatory Stages for Perfect Design: Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes

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