Photoshop Tutorials (Posters)

In the free tutorial, you will learn skills necessary for creating different types of posters from movies, sport, music, educational etc. This tutorial provides a step by step guide that you can easily follow along to create posters using photoshop. Learn the skills and improve your photoshop ability.

Target Audience

  • Graphics Designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Managers
  • UI/UX Designers

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to create engaging posters
  • Learn how to create eye catching poster designs
  • Hacks to creating fancy designs
  • Improves Photoshop skills

Topics for this course

10 Lessons

Graphics Design Poster

How to make a Sport Poster
Hip Hop Party Poster
How to Design a beautiful movie poster
How to Design a Creative Movie Poster
How to Design a Movie / Documentary Poster
How to make a movie poster
How to design a storytelling poster
How to design a bible story poster
How to design church poster
How to design a Typography poster

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Material Includes

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