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  • Business In Present Times

  • Global Wissen

    June 2, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    Think of large billboards, door to door marketing, radio marketing and compare that to marketing In present times. Things have moved from where they were, to somewhere faster paced and glamorous for consumers, and appreciably more forward and promising for businesses. Businesses are able to reach more people thanks to the digital space, connect with a Larger and more focused Audience, and understand the market better; thanks to data. The scenery keeps getting more intense and beautiful, aren’t you loving the view?

    Well, there are things we believe as a business you shouldn’t leave out, so you can take full advantage of the on-going rapid innovations.

    We want you to take a look at our top 6 things to take advantage of and incorporate in your business for success as a digital entrepreneur.

    • Take advantage of the digital space; businesses today have gone digital. If you aren’t here you’re definitely wrong, unless your target is for the local market, or in regions that aren’t digitized, there is no reason to sit on the fence. Your customers are online, why aren’t you ?
    • Take advantage of tech trends; utilize new technology trends please. It saves you time, gives you the best results and makes life more pleasant for your customers and business. Look at the likes of bundles, Kuda, there is so much to do with technology. Don’t sleep on that.
    • Marketing strategy; Airbnb really does take advantage of social media, they tailor their instagram campaign with a shred of humor coupled with compelling images of different travel locations, this drove 13.3 million interactions and increased their followers by 341% in 2015. Their strategy is geared towards getting both travelers and hosts on their platform through user-generated videos and images. You too should have a great strategy for your target audience and take advantage of social media.
    • Focus on your customers; if you are building a product or service while leaving your customers out you are wrong. Everything you build as a business should be centered around your customers. What sells today is; experience, customers want to have a swell time using your product and services and guess what? The competition is way too high for you to be lagging behind. Big moguls like Apple, Amazon and Disney understand this and drive the market.
    • Utilize data; Amazon uses the data it gathers to improve customer relations and for advertisement. Data can be used to improve your processes and find out what works best and when works best for your business. You should definitely start storing and interpreting your data, there are many data collection apps you can utilize in the digital space.
    • Research and plan; Don’t forget; not planning is planning to fail, research on the market, trends, innovations, loopholes, and competition. This would save you a lot of time, stress and funds. There are digital tools that could help you in your research and planning, a perfect example is Todoist.

    That’s it wissard,

    Are there things you believe shouldn’t be left out that we failed to include on our list? Please share some light on them.

  • Chinedu Okoli

    June 4, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    Very interesting

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