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  • Global Wissen

    June 4, 2021 at 3:42 pm

    Many thanks to Herbert Simon and Allen Newell for opening us up to the world of Artificial intelligence, now, you can have a Business Assistant that doesn’t cost much, that is reliable and can work full time around the clock without being burnt out. Chat bots are automated programs that interact with customers the way a human would, they cost little to nothing to engage with.

    Think about how much ease and convenience these bots would bring to your business, it creates time off for you to deal with other critical tasks, and the best part is; you get to save money without having to worry about inefficiencies. The program simulates human conversations through voice commands, text chats or both and can be used through any messaging application. An Example of this is domino’s bot.

    Here are our top 6 recommendations for free chatbot platforms you can use in running your business;

    • Botsify – This platform allows you to build an intelligent bot for your website that keeps conversation with customers alive. It uses AI and Machine Learning to lead answers to customers and deciphers when it should be transferred to a human agent. There are also plugins that enable you to take advantage of available integrations when using google search, Shopify or RSS feed. Building a bot is free with all it’s necessary features and 100 unique users. A paid plan costs $50/month.
    • Chatter-On – you can build your bots under 5 minutes here. It uses AI and machine intelligence to make the bots conversational, these bots keep the conversation engaging and supports several contents like videos, pictures and carousels. This platform is completely free and gives you access to all its features, with the limit of sending 15,000 messages in a month.
    • FlowXo – It allows you to develop and deploy your built chatbots to converse with customers on whatever platform you’re using. It has over 100 integrations, and can work with almost all third party platforms. It also has multiple language support features and you can create personalized messages. You’re allowed to build 5bots for free with 500 interactions with a payment plan of $19/month.
    • Aivo – It’s a chat bot that helps you respond to your customers in real time either through voice or text. This would be a great deal of help as customers are more likely to purchase from companies that respond to them faster. It responds to customers with personalized answers based on the data it gathers on them. It comes with a campaign pack and makes your customer onboarding process easier. Finally you can build your chat bot for free.
    • Dialogue Flow – it allows you to build text and voice based conversational interfaces. Here you have one of the best Natural language processing methods in business, and is user friendly. This platform uses google machine learning, meaning it has great infrastructure. It works on any platform and device with a paid plan, but you get unlimited text requests and 15,000 voice requests per month. You also have access to community and email support.
    • Pandora’s bot – this chat bot is very useful to developers allowing them to integrate their unique bots almost anywhere, even on social media. The platform offers an application programming interface that enables this integration. Though this platform is not suited to regular users, some of its features are user friendly, and it is not free either ( sigh!). But, it is inexpensive; It’s charge fee is about $0.00025 per month.

    There you have it! We believe having any of these bots will make your business better and smarter.

    How fast do you think the use of AI is going to grow in Africa? Do you look forward to Ai bots supporting major parts of your business ?

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