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  • Disruptive Strategy Building

  • Global Wissen

    June 9, 2021 at 10:21 am

    If your goal is, for instance; to be the best design company in the world, what is your strategy to attain that? If your goal is to have over 50 million active users on your app, how do you intend to attain this?

    Disruptive Strategy building is simply thinking and planning out ways to attain this in a unique and effective manner. Today we want to talk about; how you can come up with disruptive ideas that will drive sales and attain your business goals through disruptive thinking. Disruptive strategy thinking or building, has been employed by companies like twitter, Airbnb, Uber and Apple. We thought it would be great if we gave you the tools and methods, so you can rethink and strategize your business. Bear in mind, that this process is less about tools but, more about you thinking about the world in a different way, That’s how disruptions are made!!

    Let’s get to it;

    Firstly – identify conventions; Find out what everyone is doing in a category and a particular field. A perfect example would be the digital space, you can create a disruption in places that you think are still too stuck. It could be re-thinking how people communicate online. I mean the spaces have improved but how we interact is almost the same (if you ask me), see how VR changed the experience game in both marketing and gaming.

    Secondly – Build a disruptive strategy to reach your desired vision; think of more inspiring and different ways of doing things within your chosen category. It could be changing how shopping is done and completely making it digital. Your disruption can either be at the core of things meaning you product idea itself is already disruptive -an example is Elon Musk’s Tesla. But in a competitive field lets say social media then you can focus on communicating differently or it could be changing how you’re selling and pricing your products.

    Lastly – You go for the disruption- dive straight in and start implementing, whether it’s building your startup or changing how you obtained your business goals in the past.

    There are three levels at which this disruption can occur

    • You can choose to focus on the business model, see Uber utilizing the digital space by taking boring old cab services to a whole new level ( we are loving it!).
    • The product and services; be like Elon, let your product speak for itself, let it be the mover and shaker.
    • Marketing communications; you could be doing what a lot of people are doing but how are you selling it? How are you communicating your value and presence? see what HBO did with their ads on their HBO go platform; they made a point about how awkward things can get streaming with your family, and that’s why HBO go allows you to stream privately on other devices.

    What category in business do you think is super boring and stale and would need a disruption ?

    Come on now, tell us…

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