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  • Instagram Data Analytics Tools

  • Global Wissen

    June 17, 2021 at 10:19 am

    Do you have a business page on instagram? Are you a creative who would like to understand your audience better and prioritize what content to put out and when. Whatever the case may be, data analytics tools can help you make the most out of your instagram account by giving insights that’d help you take strategic decisions to drive your desired result.

    We curated a list of instagram data analysis tools that would help you manage your account for optimum results. Check them out…..

    • Instagram Insights; the app already has an in-built analytics that can only be accessed by instagram business accounts (so you might want to switch your account type). This provides insights on your account reach, engagement and followers. This tool can also provide you with basic insights on your paid ads. . Even though Instagram insight is a good analytical tool that is free, it is definitely not the best for in-depth social media marketing.
    • Hootsuite Analytics; What time are your customers online? Are you just posting for yourself or are people actually seeing them? This is where Hootsuite really rocks. This app helps you to gather more insight on the best time to post based on engagements, reach and click through rates. It allows you to set up your metrics and then shows you how your posts perform against those metrics. Hootsuite also ranks instagram comments by sentiments – basically helping to determine who is most likely to take an action because of your post.
    • Hootsuite Impact; This app allows you to compare metrics and performance data from your different social media accounts side by side. The app takes it a step further by providing detailed Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for both your organic and paid instagram activities. This way you will know where your advertising Naira is doing best and generating the most returns for your business.
    • Creator Studio; Although this is a paid application, it has a 7 days free trial. This application has a calendar view that helps you see the exact time you posted on Instagram. It also gives you the same metrics as Instagram Insight would; insights on reach, engagements and followers.
    • Keyhole; This app is great for tracking promotions, branded hashtags, and Instagram content in real time when you work with influencers. Its visual dashboard is simple and shareable with clients. Keyhole brings clarity to your social media metrics by delivering actionable and easy to understand data to brands, journalists and marketers. so if you fall into any of these categories then you should definitely check it out!
    • Iconosquare; this app is solely for business accounts to be optimized. Its stand out feature is that it gives you insights on how your own instagram metrics stack up against the general average rates on instagram, while also giving your insights on your account reach, your engagements and number of likes.
    • Facebook Ads Manager; You can use this when you’re running paid campaigns on instagram, it gives you insight on the performance and cost information for all the ads on instagram.

    that’s it guys !

    if you already utilize instagram analytics tools, we’d like to know what your favorite instagram analytics tool is and why it is!

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