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  • Let’s Talk About Branding

  • Global Wissen

    June 25, 2021 at 12:21 pm

    We want you to think of your favorite brand……

    Have you picked your favorite brand yet?

    I’m certain you have by now……

    Now, imagine your favorite brand wasn’t branded at all; let’s say you’re an apple lover, for instance (use your own favorite brand). Picture any of them having no great logo, no unique story, no style, no unique way of communicating with you and how they can be identified by you. Think about Apple being just a phone without all the features that make it special.

    would you break up with your favorite brand if they lost their brand identity?

    You see, love at first experience is what consumers feel when they interact with a great brand. Effective branding actually keeps customers loyal to a brand. A great brand creates a strong mental connection with its customers, just by having a strong identity that its consumers can relate to.

    For instance, we all agree that Apple’s success is not by mere luck; they built a strong product and created a wonderful culture. Apple’s brand has a strong identification with everything lifestyle, up to the minute, Quality, simple, sophisticated, and smart. You need not wonder why shoppers are willing to sleep outside a store just to be one of the first to purchase an iPhone. Call that loyalty or madness!

    It’s a psychological phenomenon. That has kept all of us – sometimes blindly loyal to a brand. It’s like they made us fall in love and now we are in a committed relationship.

    before you leave, don’t forget to share your response to this……

    Would you break up with your favorite brand if they lost their brand identity?

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