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  • Manage Your Staff Virtually

  • Global Wissen

    April 2, 2021 at 10:33 am

    In a shifting landscape that demands flexibility and employee autonomy, the office of the future might just be in your living room. Due to the recent pandemic, a lot of companies have adopted to remote work and urged employees to work from home. With more people working from home, teams face unique challenges and so does management. Below is a list of great apps to manage remote teams and boost productivity & communication:

    Messaging Platform: One of the biggest challenges remote teams face is weak communication. It’s pretty straightforward for you and your employees to be able to work together in the shared physical space of an office. But when you’re working from home, things aren’t so simple

    1. Slack: is a remote team tool that specializes in streamlining your team communication. It provides an always-on digital communal space for you and your team to chat, exchange thoughts and ideas, and share comments instantly for more efficient collaboration within your company. Using Slack also helps keep all communications centralized. It allows you to create different channels for different subjects, therefore keeping all of your conversations cataloged and easy to search. Of course, if you do need to communicate with an employee privately, you can do so easily through instant message.

    Slack also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android for an even more integrated service.

    2. Troop Messenger: has everything that office teams need! Send a quick work note using messaging, exchange work ideas, have meetings with group audio-video calling, or present screen content to remote teams to make conferencing more real-time and informative.

    Teams of all sizes can seamlessly rely on Troop Messenger for all kinds of quick work collaboration and updates without having to navigate their overflowing email inboxes!

    The best part? You don’t have to download any kinds of attachments. Instead, you can preview them right on the UI itself, saving time that you could use productively elsewhere.

    Many features of Troop Messenger are super user-friendly such as sending a message to bulk users in one go, meeting in a self-destruct chat window for confidential conversations, sharing an instant audio-message clip for faster understanding, popular integrations, remote screen share, and more!

    Video and Audio Communication: For conferences, meetings, brainstorm sessions and other needs, having a video and audio is critical. The tools below provide just that.

    1. Join.me: One of the most popular online meetings apps, Join.me was designed for individuals, teams, and businesses. Some of the features include:

    – Video conferencing

    – Audio conferencing

    – Full compatibility with mobile devices (iOs and Android)

    – One-link scheduling

    – Personal link

    – White boarding

    – Screen sharing

    – Webinars

    2. Google Hangouts: The fact that Google has designed this app says a lot. It is a reliable, fast, and functional app that has an intuitive interface and impressive features such as saving videos from YouTube. It is fully compatible with Google services and even greets the user by name when he or she arrives at the home page for the first time (assuming the user is logged in their Google account). Some of the features include:

    – Video calling

    – Phone calling

    – Messaging

    – Compatibility with Android, iOS, and desktop

    3. ZOOM: is one of the most reliable tools out there for video calls and screen sharing. It offers great video quality, an intuitive and simple to use interface, and fair pricing. You’re also able to record any of your video calls and share your screen during calls for more streamlined meetings. Some of the features include:

    – Video conferencing for up to 50 participants

    – HD video and audio

    – Recordings and transcripts

    – Ability to share your screen, pictures, documents, etc.

    – Live chat

    4. Skype: How can one forget the good old Skype? It remains the most popular video calling app and has been a default free solution for many companies for years, and for a good reason. The quality of video and audio delivered by Skype is quite satisfying plus group calls and instant messaging are also great. Some of the features include:

    – Video or voice calls

    – Group video calls

    – Instant messaging system

    – Ability to call mobile and landline numbers

    – Screen sharing

    – Voice messages

    – Document sharing

    File Management: Managing your internal digital files is an essential part of running any company, but it’s even more crucial given the nature of remote companies. When a coworker can’t be reached and needs to be able to properly access important files.

    1. Google Drive: is a cloud storage platform that gives you and your team the ability to store files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and pretty much anything else in a single secure location. You can also synchronise your account across various devices and share your files with others, as long as you have internet access. Since it’s a Google product, this tool comes with the added benefit of seamless integration with all other Google tools, such as Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

    Google will also give you 15GB of free cloud storage just for signing up, so there’s no reason not to give this one a try.

    2. Dropbox: is a popular cloud service available for many different operating systems, including Windows, Mac and mobile (iOS, etc.). It is basic cloud storage software that offers free service to users looking to store a large amount of files. One positive thing to point out is Dropbox recently increased its shaky security system, helping it evolve as a modern storage tool. It has found unique ways to meet fundamental requirements of cloud systems due to consistent effort in technological advancements.

    Password Manager: With collaborative remote teams, you and your employees need access to the same tools, and therefore access to the same login information. Now more than ever, it’s unsafe to store sensitive information, such as passwords, in documents or spreadsheets on your computer where they can easily be stolen.

    1. 1Password: This tool makes it quick and easy for your team to log in to necessary remote team tools. Most importantly, it keeps your passwords safe.

    1Password allows for full control over who has access to your company’s private information. You can instantly grant and revoke access to the information, whether you’ve got new hires or former employees who have left your company. You’re even able to safely recover access to accounts that may have previously locked you out.

    2. NordPass: This password manager is one of the biggest names in password management. It’s made by the same company that operates the famous NordVPN and both can be used in conjunction to seriously lock down credentials.

    Project Management: Our list continues with the tools perfectly suited for project managers who need to organise an effective work of remote teams.

    1. Monday.com: This is a cloud-based project management software that simplifies the way teams manage workloads and communicate. It has a unique organisational approach that utilizes colour and placement to help manage a team at a glance. Some of the features include:

    Centralized management with boards

    Pulses for organized communication

    Visual organization

    Invite clients

    Advanced search


    2. Trello: is a project management software based on the kanban view, a card-like overview of tasks and projects. Its structure is a double-edged sword: while the kanban view is clean and excellent for small projects, it cannot support complex project management. Trello doesn’t have views like table, list, forms, or calendar, which are sometimes better fitting for your workflow. Some of the features include:

    – API

    – Third-Party Integrations

    – Access/Permission Control

    – Data Import/Export

    – Search Functionality

    – Categorization/Structuring

    – Team Collaboration

    – Kanban (Board)

    – File/Docs Management

    – Customizable Fields

    – Task Management

    – Drag & Drop Interface

    – Customizable fields

    – Task Management

    – Drag & Drop Interface

    – Data Filtering

    – Reporting & Statistics

    – Activity Tracking

    – Public/Shared Workspace

    Are there other Apps you may have tried that was efficient for your virtual work?

  • Chinedu Okoli

    April 2, 2021 at 2:33 pm

    Wow! i never knew i could save password with a password manager, thank you for this information

    • Gift Kuku

      April 2, 2021 at 3:01 pm

      absolutely. this is good information. It would save me from having to do forgot password every time. Definitely trying it out

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