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  • Global Wissen

    June 10, 2021 at 11:53 am

    The digital space is cramped with data and as digital entrepreneurs, what an amazing opportunity it is to be able to harness the power of data. Data analytics is the art of gaining valuable insights from data gathered. It involves the classification and management of valuable data. Data can help you understand your clients and business better, providing you with insights on what to focus on, making it super easy to attain those business and customer goals you set. If you want to reduce the time and money you waste, improve your product experience, your product value, and business processes; data analysis is an amazing way to achieve these.

    In order to make better decisions and come up with strategic key initiatives, build better relationships and experience with customers; here are some of the best tools we suggest you can use in harnessing the power of data.

    1. PYTHON is a powerful data analytics tool, don’t be scared, as it is a free and open source software that is easy to learn. It has a great friendly library for any aspect of scientific computing, with a library called data analysis pandas. This library allows you to perform advanced data manipulation and numeric analysis. Top companies like Spotify, Netflix, Google and many more use python for data analysis.

    2. R is a free programming language for statistical modeling, visualization and data analysis; it can be used for statistical analysis, Big data and machine learning. It is also a free open source, sadly, you need a good knowledge of coding to be able to utilize this tool. though data manipulation here is easy and it is excellent when it comes to data visualization and analysis. It is used by Facebook, google, twitter and Uber. So, if you admire what these guys have built then you should pick this language for your data analysis.

    3. SAS – you have to pay to use this software (whelp!) but, it is easy to learn, even though having a good knowledge of the SAS Programming language would give you an edge when using it. SAS helps in efficient data management and manipulation, and has 24/7 customer support. It is majorly used by pharmaceutical companies and for forecasting.

    4. EXCEL – surprised? Don’t be. This little guy here is a simple but powerful data analytics tool. It doesn’t require UI to enter data, you can do that straight away. It is pretty easy to learn and I mean most of us are familiar with this software and if you aren’t, don’t be shy! It’s easy to get around. Data analysis toolpak, is what is used for your analysis. You can choose tools based on your specific need and the type of information you want to analyze. Excel is used by more than 750 million users around the globe.

    5. Power Bi is a business analytics cloud based solution by Microsoft that provides rapid insight and is used to extract and visualize data. It can be used to retrieve data about your business with its live dashboards feature and reports that show metrics and performance indicators based on data that resides both locally and in the cloud, about your business. It comes with three versions; the desktop version which is free, the pro and premium version which have payment plans. BI offers integration with other tools which allows you to have a seamless workflow.

    We really would love to know how you feel about big data. Do you think it’s too complicated or maybe you think it’s just overrated?

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