What we do

What we do

we are social development enterprise established to pass the light of digital knowledge through modern ways of learning.

Our projects

Members Club

Our members club is the heart of all our projects. This is where you are right now. A place for anyone to learn how to properly leverage the digital space. A social media and online university all in one. Join us now in leveraging the digital space. 


We believe that it all starts with the youth – the future generations of the world. That is where we can make a noticeable difference. This is why we have chosen to work in partnership with universities around the continent to give their students access to the top digital education in the world. 


For a country’s digital economy to develop it is important for all individuals to be included. This is why we run our grassroots projects specifically tailored to the demographic at other times often left out. In these  projects we endorse specifically chosen individuals to be granted access to our services.



Here we focus on discovering the digital literacy level of the university, talents, skills and abilities of the student.


We aim to develop the talents and skills we have discovered by providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools.


Here we ensure that all skills and talents found are able to leverage the digital space  and position correctly in the digital world.


Here we focus on showcasing, exporting, disturbing and displaying the talents, skills and projects to the world by bringing opportunities to them.

Which type of partnership is right for you?

Are you running your own business? Looking to gain a new skill? Or just aware of the necessity of digital literacy and the leverage it gives you?

To make the greatest impact you have to reach out to the majority of the people –  This is why we have ensured  that all of our services are available for the public. 

Click the Get Started now to find out more about what we can do for you as a private person. Hint: It is a lot. 

As a content creator – wether you create courses, books, videos, podcasts or any other content – the distribution and finding the right audience is 101. 

Here on our platform we give you the only place where you can find every digitally invested individual in Africa – ready to learn! 

Our members are here to leverage the digital space and learn everyday – always looking for new content. 

We will work together with you to customise your offer and to properly leverage the members club. 

Contact us today  to join the revolution! 

We believe that it all starts with the youth – the future generations of the world. That is where we can make a noticeable difference.

That is why one of our biggest projects are in collaborations with universites across the country. We provide you and your students with all the tools needed to be prepared for the digital world and all its benefits. Wether it be to take your schools actual education online or add an extra value of digital programs or global networking for your students – we will make it happen for you and your students. 

We put together customized offers universities in Nigeria for a fee so low it could be viewed as free. This to ensure every person has access to qualative digital knowledge. 

Contact us today for more information. 

We look forward to working together! 

Are you tired of using several platforms at ones for all your different activations? Are you looking for a place to centralise all your activations?

We provide you with a place where you can manage your full team or community without the hassle of moving from platform to platform. 

Need to host an online meeting? We got you. Need to send messages? We got you. Need to share contents? We got you. Need to distribute a course or host an event? We got you. 

And guess what, they all also get access to our exclusive digital content. 

Contact us today to manage your team or community like never before. 

Together we grow! 


Global Wissen Consult is a youth development enterprise established to pass the light of digital knowledge to youths through modern ways of learning. 

We came into existence in 2018 to bridge the gap between quality digital knowledge and the youths who need them. 

We live in a highly digitized world which will only get more digitized. To have an edge now and tomorrow, African youths need to have access to premium digital knowledge in order to compete favorably with the rest of the world. This is the reason we exist – to make premium digital knowledge easily accessible to the youths who require them. 

Since our inception, we have trained and equipped hundreds of youths across Nigeria and we intend to expand our influence to reach every African country by 2025.


Our mission is to pass the light of knowledge and the benefits of education on various markets and fields and how it operates to the younger generation in this present dispensation. 

As an empowerment organization with enviable global exposure, we strive to impact knowledge to Africans who wish to be enlightened with various skills and opportunities needed for a better future. 

In our research we have discovered that the major cause of poverty in Africa is ignorance and we have devised a plan to serve as a medium to eradicating poverty amongst Africans through digital education.


  1. To start a fire that ignites the knowledge and benefits of the digital world as well as open up the doors and hand over the tools needed to make use of this world.

  2. To be a driving force to empower Africans with explicit knowledge about the global market, technology and innovations.

  3. To produce students who are recognized as self-propelled, open minded, well educated, eager to learn, independent and highly employable and able to create successful digital businesses.

  4. To create a community of like-minded, enthusiasts and build a solid platform which would change the world.